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"Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good." - Jean-Louis Gassee



By using the AMAZING (AND FREE!!) power of third party endorsement, via journalists, and everyone whose opinions could influence your customers' buying decisions. 

And everyone knows that a piece of editorial is worth about 500X the value of an advertisement...

With PR skills you'll be able to:

  • Access the best journalists and get them to write about you (for free!)

  • Find news-angles that will get used (for free!) in the media

  • Have press releases that will get published (for free!)

  • Get your company mentioned on the best news sites (for free!) to lift your Google rankings

  • Raise your personal and business profile, appear bigger than you are, build credibility and position yourself how YOU want to be seen

  • Become BETTER known, liked and trusted and therefore get more customers – and friends - and attain that ultimate success you desire!


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  • “Although it is sometimes difficult to gauge the success of a PR campaign, we keep a close eye on where our enquiries and sales come from and I am confident that the sheer number of column inches, interviews, both press and radio, Marvellous PR has achieved for us has been a major contribution to our continuing sales success.”
    – Bill Gair,
    Renaissance Villages
  • "I cannot recommend Lucy's advice highly enough. This lady seriously knows her stuff and is absolutely lovely to deal with. If you're not already listening to her advice and using her services then you're missing a trick!"
    – Lorraine Ashover,
    Minverva Procurement
  • “I have worked with Lucy Matthews on several property features and have been impressed by her integrity, professionalism and charm. Obviously extremely hard-working, she offers journalists far more than the standard, “one-size-fits all”, sales pitch. Lucy has the ability to tailor the merits of the company she represents to the particular needs of the property pages she has targeted. When she suggests an idea, it demands my serious consideration. There are very few PRs who merit that kind of attention."
    – Fred Redwood,
    Freelance National Property Journalist (Times, Sunday Times, Daily Mail etc)
  • "We employed Marvellous PR to help us raise our profile and generally obtain better quality press coverage.  They have delivered on this and more.  We now also use them for copywriting our lifestyle magazine as well as helping us plan for future media and advertising ideas.  Lucy and Bea have been a pleasure to work with and have managed to obtain some excellent editorial quotes and content in many National and Local publications."
    – Matthew Dabell
    Aspire Estate Agents
  • “Lucy Matthews provided us with a fantastic PR pack which gave us everything we needed to simply pull out and plug into our PR machine. We've now got a very simple, step by step process which helps boost our profile across the UK. What's more, her 1:1 support is amazing."
    – Glenn Ackroyd,
    EweMove.com Estate Agents
  • "Since attending Lucy Matthews' webinar a couple of weeks ago and purchasing her fantastic pack I have managed to get into a local Buzz magazine and the Newbury Weekly News with a write up on one of our team members, Amy Little, who in fact is my daughter and was televised on Sky Sports last night after winning the BAPTO Ladies Pool final. I would never have thought to seek PR for this before I spoke to Lucy Mathews - a big massive thank you!!!”
    – Jane Midwood,
    First Call Helpdesk
  • "I bought Lucy's Marvellous PR Toolkit when it first launched as immediately I could see the value and thought it was the perfect way to maintain PR support for my business. The advice and value I have got from it, and having Lucy at the end of the phone for extra support, have been worth far more than the initial investment in the Toolkit - it has paid for itself at least 10 times over. It's great to know I have that resource always there to use and my profile as an expert in my industry is growing as a result."
    – Jez Rose,
    The Behaviour Expert
  • “Lucy Matthews has secured many national features for our houses and commentry in relevant property articles, as well as a constant stream of local editorial, which has helped us establish our business and constantly raise our profile in the Surrey area to being one of the key estate agents at the top end of the market."
    – Michael Parry-Jones,
    Ex-Strutt & Parker, now Grantley Estate Agents
  • “I’ve been lucky enough to work with Marvellous PR for several years and their strengths are being proactive and reactive with equal skill. They can produce ideas on behalf of their clients, with a knack of pitching them at the right journalist and the right outlet. When I make a request of their clients they invariably produce material tailored to what I need, delivered when I need it and in the right format.”
    – Graham Norwood,
    Freelance National Property Journalist (FT, Telegraph, Times, Daily Mail, Estates Gazette etc)
  • "Lucy has the nous to make contact with journalists on a personal level – she does not hide behind vacuous press releases. When Lucy has helped gain a commission for a feature she is prepared to provide a journalist with research material – sometimes outside her own sphere – until the article is completed. I would recommend Lucy Matthews unreservedly to anyone considering making use of her considerable talents as a PR.”
    – Fred Redwood,
    Freelance National Property Journalist (Daily mail, Telegraph, Sunday Times etc)
  • “In a world of multi million pound marketing budgets, spent promoting a product or service by ever-increasingly odd methods, there is one sure fire way of getting the message across – PR. There are PRs who will try and tell you that the world is flat and others who tell you straight and talk straight, and Lucy Matthews is one of the latter."
    – Matthew Byatt,
    Newhall, Harlow
  • “Lucy’s webinar on the basics of PR was fantastic. I had never really been clear on the difference between PR and marketing but she made it very easy to understand with lots of hints and tips on how we can use it to our advantage to promote our businesses. Highly recommended!”
    – Liz Sprotson,
    Virtual Law
  • “No project is too small or too challenging, her enthusiasm is infectious, and she brings a level of energy to any team, that lifts all those working with her. Working constantly in the background, her ‘little black book’ of contacts is priceless; finding new angles, beavering around promoting every element of one’s business, she is a very safe pair of hands and the results, whilst sometimes difficult to quantify, are evident by the hundreds of column inches of coverage achieved by her – space which, if bought would cost hundreds of thousands of pounds."
    – Matthew Byatt,
    Newhall, Harlow (residential housing development)